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SER Massages and Treatments


Power of Touch Massage 
30, 50 or 85 min 

Much More Than a Massage
All Massages are therapeutic, include a Welcome Ritual and a moment to relax.

Power of Touch 

A personalized aromatherapy massage, perfect for your senses and health. Let your  intuition guide you on this journey.

You can choose from three types of Therapeutic Massage:  

RELAX  to calm the stressed body and mind!

30 min 40 €   55 min 60 €   85 min 85 €

SPORT  ideal for treating tired muscles and having more energy!

30 min 45€   55 min 65 €   85 min 90 €

SLIM/DRAINAGE to release toxins and slim silhouette!

30  min 45 €  

All prices include VAT at the legal rate in force


Be Specials 

Dance of the Stones 
A relaxing massage for energy balance, with heated basalt stones, crystals and an oriental head massage, time for inner peace.                          85 min 90 € 
Super Mom
The special and well-deserved care adapted to all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, with a draining therapeutic massage and a nourishing face treatment for the best mother in the world.

                                                              75 min 75 €


  All prices include VAT at the legal rate in force



My body  


Take care of your figure with a vigorous lipo-reducing massage, enriched with essential plant oils and pressotherapy to drain and slim your body. Feeling of lightness guaranteed!

                                                             50 min  €65

Total Detox  


Back to Shape, feel the detoxifying heat of a wrap with a thermal blanket and active lipo-reducing principles and after a localized massage,  feel and see the difference.   

                                                              50 min  €65


light legs


The power of pressotherapy to work miracles for the lightness of tired and swollen legs. Excellent complement to the Power of Slim Touch massage                                         

                                                              25 min 25 €


All prices include VAT at the legal rate in force   


Super skin for everyone 

A super Facial with anti-oxidant, protective and regenerating super foods, in a perfect harmony for you and an oriental massage on the head for total relaxation.      

                                                 60 min 65 € 

Super New Skin (Anti Age) 

A perfect Facial with anti-oxidants and essential natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy and young. A powerful lifting massage with cupping and gua sha will make all the difference.

                                                60 min 75€  

All prices include VAT at the legal rate in force. 


Super Skin in a Minute 

An all inclusive condensed facial , the best of anti-oxidant super foods for your skin in record time.                                                                                        30 min  45 € 

Face Up (Facial Massage)

For skin that likes strong emotions and visible results ! Cleansing and lifting massage with cupping and facial drainage with gua sha.   

                                                                                                                20 min 35€   


All prices include VAT at the legal rate in force.



"This is an opportunity to take care of your BEING or the BEING of the one you love most, knowing that the power of therapeutic touch, HEALS."

You can buy a physical gift or if you prefer we send it via digital, just choose a massage or Spa treatment and send an email :))

See you later!


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